• Coordination

    When there are eight other Councils in the same area, the Regional Council is important as having an interest in those activities which cross all eight areas: transport, including public transport, water, air quality, etc. They don’t ‘stop’ simply because they reach an artificial political boundary.

  • Effective delivery

    Wellington has a high level of commuting and there must be a public transport system to match, both buses and trains, while also recognising the other modes of private car use, cycling and walking; water quality is obviously important just as is security of supply (and issues in both these areas can arise in New Zealand.

  • Strong cost control and monitoring

    Rates are increasing at a level well above what is expected in these low inflation time. Of course expenditure will take place but GWRC rates increasing by 9.8% (2015 / 16) and set at 7.6% (for 2016 / 17) alongside Wellington residential rates at an average of 5.8% means there must be constant controls and monitoring – and not everything may be possible!

I believe I can make a real contribution, my background being in both senior management and governance, including the operations of Local Government.

  • 9 years Wellington City Councillor
  • 6 years Deputy Mayor
  • 5 years Victoria University Chancellor
  • 9 years Chair of the WCC Audit & Risk Committee

I have the experience and understanding to contribute effectively to the operations of the Regional Council, ensuring the interests of ratepayers are well represented.